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Leverage Producing Income Opportunity

Home Business 2.0 LIO Plan

Your Million Dollar Income Plan - Step 1

Congratulations on taking the next step to learn how the Home Business 2.0 program can bring great financial benefit to you and your family as well as others you introduce to the program.

After studying the various compensation plans available in the marketplace we developed a HYBRID compensation plan for Home Business 2.0. We had specific criteria when designing this plan to produce both instant and long term residual income. We also wanted a system whereby you, the distributor get's paid immediately when a sale is made, unlike MLM's where the company takes in all payments, and then pays you as if you were on their payroll. We considered many factors as follows.

Our core mission and philosophy led us to create the ultimate plan. Here is the criteria that we insisted was part of our solution ...

  1. The plan would have to have the feel of a real business meaning the affiliates would have to be paid instantly when a sale was made, just like in all retail selling environments.
  2. The plan would have to provide for short, intermediate, and ever increasing long term residual income; and the TERMS and CONDITIONS would have a clause protecting affiliate residual income that is built by building an Affiliate Network.
  3. Affiliates would have to be able to break even with 2 sales, and be in profits with 3 sales; so that the plan would fit perfectly with our "Earn While You Learn" environment.
  4. The company would not handle affiliate commissions as that has the feel of JOB environment with period paychecks made to affiliates.
  5. The price points would have to be economy friendly, and escalate with advancement through the program.
  6. The pricing schedule would have to be attractive to the very people that most require the core Entrepreneurial Development Curriculum.
  7. The compensation plan would require "no load" or large "enrollment fee" that would put large sums of cash in the company's bank account with the expectation of high attrition.
  8. The plan would have to be simple, and 100% accountable to the affiliate (ie. no complex matrixes with obscure confusing bonus systems that funnel more money to the top earners and company).
  9. The commission split would have to be fair to be profitable to the affiliates and create a substantial enough cash stream to the company so the company could deliver they very best service and products ever delivered to the industry in an ever expanding and improving way.
  10. The plan would have to account for affiliates making money on their very first sale, and being able to become profitable BEFORE participating in the leverage building component.
  11. The plan would have to include a monthly "consumable" feature so that residual income could compound over time.
  12. And most importantly, the plan would have to be fair, account for a totally level playing field, and offer each and every new affiliate the ability to build a significant income regardless of when they get started.

This is a rather strict set of criteria, and yet we were able to formulate a compensation plan for our affiliates that accomplishes EVERY criteria listed above.

In fact this affiliate compensation plan is so unique, so powerful, and so simple that we gave it a name ... the Perpetual Leverage Income (PLI) plan.

The unique aspect that Home Business 2.0 is bringing to the table with the PLI plan is the INSTANT INCOME, INSTANT RESIDUAL and PERPETUAL RESIDUAL Income in the plan.

Quick Comparison with Direct Sales NM
As with Direct Sales, you get paid when you make a sale; however, you never have to touch the company's portion of the sale saving you many hours and costs associated with sending money to the company. Unlike Direct Sales, the price points are easy on the wallet, and billed via monthly auto-subscription renewal creating true residual income.

Quick Comparison with MLM plans such as Unilevel, Binary, and Matrix plans.
First and foremost, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this plan. What is difficult to understand about "You get paid for every sale you make right now", AND you get paid monthly as your customers renew their subscriptions, and perpetually as a "Super Affiliate" when your customers begin to attract other affiliates. Another key difference is that there is NO LOAD, or extra up front cost to get started (almost all of which the company keeps normally). With the PLI plan, you just get started, become a subscribing affiliate, and start earning complete commissions on your first sale.

Study the detail of the PLI plan closely and feel free to ask questions on our question and answer calls.

Home Business 2.0 PLI Compensation Plan

The Home Business 2.0 PLI Compensation Plan was designed to be simple, powerful, and most importantly, lucrative.

What we did was combined a 50-50 affiliate commission split on the monthly product purchases and placed that within a hybrid plan.


It would be great if we could be a viable business while giving everything away for FREE; however, that is not a realistic option. Our goal is to provide extreme value for our customers, and to continue to enhance the value of each of our subscription levels on a constant and never ending improvement basis. You will not find a better value for your educational dollar anywhere!


You can be a FREE member for up to 30 days. This will provide you access to the FREE member content and FREE Member LIVE training webinars. This free content is designed to give you great value, to assist you to avoid making any mistakes in choosing the right business for yourself. It is our gift to you regardless of whether you choose to become a subscribing member or not .

As a FREE Member, you will also acquire a deeper understanding of how you can leverage the Home Business 2.0 program into bigger success for yourself, without the hassles of having to personally mentor and train your own members, regardless of the opportunities you are involved with. If you are currently involved in other Home Business Opportunities, this program will make those businesses thrive.


When you choose to begin your core Entrepreneur Development curriculum, you upgrade to a subscribing client by purchasing an S1 subscription. The monthly cost to be an active member of Home Business 2.0 at the S1 subscription level is $100.00 plus a $9.95 per month platform fee. This provides you access to the S1 trainings and content for each and every month that you continue to pay your subscription. The S2 monthly subscription cost is $200.00 per month, and S3 is $300.00 per month.

The Administration fee of $9.95 per month covers the cost of hosting, maintaining, and upgrading the integrated Home Business 2.0 marketing platform. What you receive for $9.95 would cost you about $90 with most companies that also employ a Fortune 500 company class conference call platform to connect our community and prospective affiliates.


A monthly SUBSCRIPTION cost of $100 is required to be paid by each member that chooses to use the HB 2.0 System and receive the S1 Products and Support platform. This $100 is split 50-50 with you and the company as in the most lucrative affiliate programs available today.

The commission payable 100% to the Sponsoring Affiliate Member(SAM) is $50 or 1/2 of the monthly commission amount. The company receives the other $50.

Additionally you will provide your SAM, 1 Leverage Gateway Sale (LGS) it ACTIVATE your participation in the PLI as explained below.

Figure 1


Once you have become a Subscribing Member, you are ready to begin your HB 2.0 Curriculum which includes Launching your HB 2.0 Business. You get paid when customers purchase subscriptions from you, and residually when your customers renew their subscriptions each month. The GREEN backgrounds indicate that Chris, Sally, Bob, Jim, and Anne are your customers, and they Buy From You. This is the Direct Income component of the PLI plan.

Figure 2 - Your Customers Purchase From YOU except #4

(the PLI plan)

Leveraged or Passive Income occurs when you build an Affiliate Network of Active Members who are part of the community benefiting from the HB 2.0 products, services, and training. You and your Customers are PART of this Affiliate Network. Let's have a look at this Affiliate Network.

Figure 3 - Complete View of a 7 Level Affiliate Member Network

The Sponsoring Affiliate Member (SAM) is the Affiliate Member who sponsors you into the Home Business 2.0 program. You become an Affiliate Member of your SAM's customer group (See Figure 4). When you begin selling subscriptions, you become a SAM yourself, and your customers make up YOUR Affiliate Membership team. In Figure 4 you see YOU as part of your SAM's customer base, and Chris, Sally, Bob, Jim, and Anne are YOUR customers and Affiliate Members.

Figure 4 - Relationship between YOU, Your SAM, and your customers

Leverage is created through stacked activation. With HB 2.0 PLI plan, you become profitable first by getting paid directly for your first 3 (THREE) customers. You Activate Leverage with your 4rth customer (Customer #4) who will be directed to pay either your SAM or the Appropriate SAM in accordance with the PLI plan.

With the HB 2.0 PLI plan, you only your 4rth Member's subscription fees are automatically referred to the appropriate SAM, and you become fully qualified to receive PLI profits. Whoever is your current 4rth subscribing member, will always be paying someone other than you.

This approach is similar to the 1up referral plan; however, with significant differences. The most significant difference is that it's your 4rth subscribing member instead of your first. The other major difference is that your 4rth subscribing member will either pay your SAM, or another SAM that became a member of HB 2.0 before you SAM did.


In the following illustrations your SAM is represented as LEVEL 0. Beginning with you and continuing through the organic growth of your organization, You become a LEVEL 0 SAM yourself. For the purposes of understanding Stacked Activation though, we present the details of this plan with your SAM as LEVEL 0.

First is illustration in Figure 1 above, YOU pay your SAM for your monthly subscriptions unless you are your SAM's Level Activating Sale. For this explanation you are your SAM's 5th subscribing customer as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 2 above shows that your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th subscribing customers pay you directly (Chris, Sally, Bob, and Anne); while Jim (your 4rth subscribing customer) pays the appropriate SAM; which in this case is your SAM.

Figure 5 below shows how the money flows between You and your SAM, You and your Affiliate Members, and You, Your Affiliate Members, and Their Affiliate Members.

Figure 5 - Flow of Payments between Level 0 through Level 3.

SAM earns 3 x $50 = $150 / month

YOU earn 8 x $50 = $400 / month

In Figure 5 the Affiliate Members indicated in Light Blue are paid to your SAM. The Affiliate Members indicated in GREEN pay you every month. As illustrated in Figure 5 your SAM receives 3 subscription profits (yours, jim's, and Bob's 4rth subscription sale).

IMPORTANT: For each new level that YOU open under ANY of your Affiliate Members, the FIRST of your Affiliate Members to make their 4rth sale with become your LEVEL ACTIVATION sale. In the Illustration above BOB make's it to 4 sales first, so Bob's 4rth sale becomes the LEVERAGE ACTIVATION SALE for Your Level 2 (which is your SAM's Level 3).

YOU receive 1(ONE) LEVERAGE ACTIVATION SALE (LAS) per Affiliate Member that you have, for each new level that is created below them. It is the first such LEVERAGE ACTIVATION SALE (LAS) that is referred to YOUR SAM, thus ACTIVATING the new level for YOU.

So in Figure 5, the first LAS that happens on your level 2 (your SAM's level 3) is created by BOB. That Sale (indicated in Light Blue in Figure 5 on Level 3) goes to your SAM. Once that LAS is satisfied, YOU receive 1 LAS from each of you Affiliate Members, per new level, that opens up below them. In Figure 5 your receive the 4rth sale from Chris, Sally, Jim, and Anne.


Figure 6A - A 7 Level Organization


Figure 6B - The Activating Sales from Figure 6

SAM earns 7 x $50 = $350 / month for S1 Sales
YOU earn 18 x $50 = $900 / month for S1 Sales


Figure 6C - The Activating Sales from Figure 6

SAM earns 7 x $50 = $350 / month for S1 Sales
YOU earn 18 x $50 = $900 / month for S1 Sales

As you can see by Studying Figure 6A, 6B, and 6C closely, as your Affiliate Member customers simply follow the same plan that you so, and sell subscriptions to other people, the process duplicates deeper and deeper.

Figure 6 does not show the effect of the WIDTH of your front line Affiliate Member (customer) organization. However, for each Affiliate Member customer that also builds an organization you receive an infinitely deep series of payments long after your Affiliate Member customer first purchased from you.

Here's What You Really Need To Know To Grasp The Power of the PLI plan.

Now that you see and understand the power in the PLI plan, understand that you need to only understand and focus on 2 things. First, the more direct customers you have the better, as each direct customer you have represents the beginning of a chain of income that grows deep.

At each level that open up under each of your directly sponsored company lies an S1, S2, and an S3 commission PER MONTH for you. This can become STAGGERING quickly. Be sure to review the strategies below to understand what we will be focusing each customer to accomplish as part of their curriculum.

Before you do take a look at Figure 7. Figure 7 shows what the real power of each level under each Affiliate Member customer mean to your income.

Figure 7 - The Income Effect of Level Activating Sales From Your Customers

SAM earns 12 x $50 = $600 / month for S1 Sales
YOU earn 44 x $50 = $2,200 / month for S1 Sales

Figure 7 shows you the reality of the PLI plan as you should understand it, which is this. For each Affiliate Member customer you have, you participate in a Level Activating Sale for each of them on a monthly basis. In order to be eligible to participate in this leverage, you first refer the first level activator that would come to you, to your SAM. You get the rest at that level.

Remember, the FIRST LEVEL ACTIVATING SALE goes to your SAM. You ge the rest of the activators, as this agreement is passed between you and your customers. This continues perpetually DEEP and looks like the above example (Figure 7).

So when you understand the depth component, you will also understand how profitable for you it will be to continue to sell subscriptions to the HB 2.0 program. The growth in depth will happen because of our curriculum, you focus on building your width, or direct customer base, and then upgrading them.

Income Building Strategy

Step 1
The first order of business is to get into a Profitable position. That occurs when you have sold 3 subscriptions. You Purchase your S1 Subscription for $109.95, plug into the extraordinary S1 curriculum, which quickly steers you to begin marketing the program. Regardless of whether you plan to build a large Home Business 2.0 organization or not, we do believe it is important that your education become FREE quickly. All that is required is that you sell 3 subscriptions. Your Monthly gross revenue is 3 x $50 or $150. Your Monthly subscription cost is $109.95. Your monthly profit is $40.05.

OK, you aren't going to get rich with a $40 a month profit, yet it's a start. In most networking programs you would have to enroll 20-40 people to just break even on a monthly basis, so you are way ahead of the game here.

Keep in mind at this price point, you will have the exact right opportunity and product for the masses that are flocking to the Home Business Industry, and yet who recognize their need for complete tactical and strategic training. After all, professional athletes train to become better. It only makes sense that a professional Entrepreneur do the same.

Step 2
The second objective is to active LEVERAGE in the PLA plan. That requires that you make 4 subscription sales. Once you have made 4 subscription sales a powerful chain of events begins to take over. In our training we actually recommend that you sell a minimum of 5-6 S1 Subscriptions (or S2 and S3) as that secures your profits AND secures your residual earnings. Study Figure 7 below to get a complete understanding of what is at stake with even as few as 4 customers.

Step 3
Keep Selling. That's right; if you want to build a 6 figure income and ultimately a 7 figure annual income you must continue to build your business. We show you exactly WHAT to do and exactly HOW to do it.

Step 4
Continue your education and upgrade through the program. While you can make a decent income with just S1 subscription sales; selling the higher dollar subscriptions and products will produce more profitability for your efforts. As soon as you have secured at least $1,000 in S1 total income, you are ready to "Graduate" and become an S2 subscriber.


NOTE: Figure 7 magnifies the fact that in the PLI plan, the organization is preserved. No Affiliate Member get's "passed" to another member for qualifying as in the 1 up, 2up, or many up plans.

In the PLI Plan you are cash Neutral after making only 2 sales, and in to profits after your 3rd sale ... your business is paying for itself with just 2 personally sponsored affiliates.

Sponsoring Member: 12 @ $50 = $600.00 per month (count the BLUE Figures)
YOU GET: 44 @ $50 = $2,200 per month (count the GREEN Figure)
Each of your 4 Associates Get At Least $1,800 per month each ($9k Total)

And remember these numbers are based on Home Business 2.0 level 1 (S1) program. We have 6 more levels of products planned so your income grows as you graduate from each educational program and advance to the next.

The bottom line is that you can create a significant income stream that will ultimately result in wealth simply by marketing this program. This plan accomplishes ALL of the criteria that was put forth before it was architected.

With the Home Business 2.0 PLI Compensation plan you get paid for each direct enrollee AND 1 commission for every level deep each of your enrollees duplicates. This applies to all products.

So as you analyze this plan, you will see how you make money first, and in a continuing way as you Earn While You Learn.

This is the most powerful compensation system ever created for the Leverage Home Business Marketplace, and now it has been modified to fit our unique and stringent standards, criteria, and vision for you. The PLI plan has "Feel of a Real Business" as you get paid instantly for your new sales, and ON renewal dates ... again instantly!

This is a Least Risk LIO offering that puts you in the Direct Marketer and Seller game. Unlike the high end Direct Sales Programs, there is no large up front fee or load with this plan.

Are your ready to Get Started or just to Learn More Now ... Enroll For FREE, click the JOIN button on the menu at the top of this page, or click the "Download Your Copy" button below.

and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money

Meet Home Business 2.0 Community Members
Marq J. - Canada

Ex-Corporate Executive, Business Owner
Entrepreneur & Home Business Mentor

I wish I had this information when I
first started in this industry...WOW!
Who knew you can make money even if you are new to home business, that you can earn while you build your business and skills!
How do you get started in a home business and more importantly, get into profit? This is it!

Finally someone has the guts to tell it
like it is!
The Secret to Home Business Success Has Arrived.

Scott B. - Chicago

Fortune 100 Corporate Executive
Small Business Owner
Home Business Top Earner

I have been in network marketing/direct sales for 20 years and have seen many changes take place. The biggest change during my time in this industry has been in how fast people can succeed in this business if they know how to leverage the power of the internet ....
This is why I teamed up with Jim Rivas and Home Business 2.0. I believe if anyone is truly serious about making real money from home, they need the truth about what it's going to take to succeed ...
With Home Business 2.0 support and training, everyone will be given the truth about this industry and the proper training to have real success...GUARANTEED!

Dr. Clyde H. - Texas
Medical Doctor
Small Business Owner
Home Business Entrepreneur

During the decades of practicing medicine and owning small businesses, I experienced great success ... over the last 7 years working the Home Business Industry I have experienced success too; however, I find the failure rate in the industry unacceptable ...
When I saw HB 2.0 for the first time I was attracted to the truth, integrity, and transparency and focus of the program's vision, and the community as a whole. Is it refreshing ... and combined with the hard hitting entrepreneurial development training program, a person can finally earn as they learn as they are guided to have the success they desrve
I know this is a winner ... the solution that everyone has been searching for and not found ... until now!



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