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How Does Home Business 2.0 Work For You

The most important mission of HB 2.0 is to establish a credible framework with which we can all operate in.

Think of it as a the ... "no more nonsense ... no more apprehension when speaking to a customer ... no more embarrassing fake dissertations on conference calls."

Home Business 2.0 is a place where that is a thing of the past because ... it is not necessary. A business either stands on it's own or it doesn't. As such we will be doing studies on ALL LIO's to be able to suggest the best ones to you if you do not already have one.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR CROSS RECRUITING! And we will honor each of our individual choices of income vehicles to utilize. Cross recruiting will be grounds for removal from HB 2.0.


It's easy, invite your guests, even your most skeptical guests, to read the HB2.0 "The 8 Killer Lies", and if that resonates with them, then the HB 2.0 call is their next step.

We will explain the industry in a way they will understand and then if they are open to it, you then take them to the call or web site for your company.

And the best part is when they get started, they get the same education with HB 2.0 in success that you did; which will really reduce your burden as a leader.

You could even just market HB 2.0 as your sole opportunity while you are getting your feet wet. In fact, you could make serious money in the "tools and training business" in a market hungry for something real, a program that has real value; a program where it's as easy as it will EVER get in this industry to make money.

STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money

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Meet Some of the Home Business 2.0 Community

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