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I spent the first 30 years of my career in healthcare, and the last 18 years I served as the chief administrative officer for 2 academic medical center physician group practices. In both instances a restructuring ended my tenure. 

After shifting to a related industry where the same thing happened again,  I realized that the single person I could count on to build a secure future was myself.  After starting a high end home business with only moderate success, I began listening to Jim Rivas' free training calls for insight.  When Jim introduced HB2.0, I read ["The 8 Lies"]; I not only liked the vision, but Jim's goal of helping others create similar success.

After being in the home business industry for over a year, I recognized the unique opportunity that Jim is presenting. Financial freedom is mandatory for me and Jim's  programs will get me there!  They will get you there as well!

David M. - Virginia



After 28 years of owning several small businesses, I decided to venture into the Home Business Arena. After struggling along in several MLMs, following their “training” methods, spending enormous amounts of time, energy, and money, I still did not experience the level of success that was so easily promised. However, during that time, through contacts made, I was introduced to Jim Rivas’ “Get In The Game” calls. It was a like breath of fresh air. . . finally, hearing Truth from someone who truly cares about others developing entrepreneurial skill sets, growing their business, and producing results with honesty and integrity. This is the support I have been looking for. Though HB2.0, you have a systematic, no BS way to learn core entrepreneurial skills while you build active and passive income; as well as, multiple streams of income.- Sandy K.

Sandy K. - Florida



I have been dabbling in this online game for many many years,and had a lot of failure and setbacks like most people. The important thing is that I have 'learnt' from these mistakes and moved forward becoming a better marketer and bringing small amounts of success my way...BUT it was not over there.....Just when I thought I had cracked the code and learnt all this marketing 'stuff' I realized something else........If the people we bring into [a program] don't achieve [success] in a relatively short time the majority will leave. I felt sick to my stomach making great new relationships online just to see them was not good enough and for the first time online I felt like quitting myself.....
What Jim has done with the Home Business 2-0 is not only a breath of total fresh air, but simply put a system designed for 'everyone' who is serious to finally turn their lives around and succeed..........Thank you Jim!" Adrian P. - Unied Kingdom

Adrian P. - U.K.



I raised three children who are now grown and have children of their own! While doing this, I also was heavily involved in philanthropic work ... [and] Real Estate and had a blast! I learned that it is very rewarding to help people make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.
I have been in this [home business] industry for a little over two years and love having multiple streams of income! My other opportunities are all very different and keep a smile on my face! I decided to become a part of HB 2.0 because I wanted to be working with people who had integrity and pride. I also wanted a product that had value and a system that provided me with the tools that I needed for continued success. I am so very thankful that HB 2.0 came along when it did because I can continue to help people secure their financial security and do it with Pride and Integrity because I know the person behind the scenes is a hard working, genuine person. Thank You Jim! - Donna P.

Donna P. - North Carolina



I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and have been working full time in the environmental arena for over 30 years, primarily air pollution control. My husband and I have tried several home based businesses over the past 20 years and have experienced many of the "lies" that are put forth in sponsoring people.  We have had some success, but not consistent long lasting success to keep us involved.  Although the products we have distributed were excellent, neither of us likes to sell [physical] products.
HB 2.0 offers an opportunity to learn from the best about how to overcome the pitfalls of a home based business.  No real experience is needed.  I plan to be able to retire (have enough income) from both HB 2.0 and what I learn here. - Angie P.

Angie P. - Tennesse



After spending many years in the real estate industry working 60+ hours a week ... having good success financially as well as winning various awards and contests I wanted to have more time for my self. To achieve my objectives I got involved in a home based business and never looked back!
Being involved in working from home i enjoy the freedom to do what i want to, when i want to, enjoying a life without limits. It's rewarding to see people who struggled  to make ends meet, enjoying financial freedom and helping others enjoy same freedom!
Home Business 2-0 gives you a comprehensive look at [the home business industry]. You get information on what pitfalls to avoid, what you need to know to make it big ...  understanding what is involved in running a home business not listening to lies where you don't have a chance at success only to separate you from your money!
For anyone thinking of getting involved in [the industry] ["The 8 Lies"] is a must to read ... With Jim there is no hype just sincerity, the plain truth and excellent mentoring! - Gene D.

Gene D. - B.C., Canada



I was Born in Switzerland, moved to the USA in my 20s, and proceeded to raised a Family. During the last 20+ years, I Managed Restaurants in Los Angeles, Joined a sales team for a whole-sale Meat-Company. After 20 Years of hard work, I experienced a Back injury, which led to a change in lifestyle, away from being on my feet in the JOB grind. I then moved to Virgina, became a Realtor, and continued in Real Estate for 10 Years. Then the Real Estate collapse happened so it was time to find another way to generate income. After looking around, and reviewing many possible options, I decided that I could best use my existing experience and skills in the Home Business Industry, so I made the change.
I am thrilled that early in my experience I was exposed to "The 8 Lies" and the Home Business 2.0 program, and can clearly see that this solution will provide me the detailed blueprint, so I can make the transition to home business seemlessly, and without costly mistakes. I am absolutely thrilled, looking forward to this new adventure. - Margret M.

Margret M. - Virginia



I am not a computer or internet guru, but have come along way since I retired July 9, 2007. I ran machines in a factory for 13 years after spending many years do several things, like farming, driving trucks, general mechanical work, working on just about everything! When I retired I was $3,000 dollars in debt, I had worked hard long hours all my life I was going to enjoy retirement, only problem is that I needed more money. So I got involved with [an expensive] mentoring service to the tune of $10,000 and all [they]  could talk about was getting into action so I did and now it is $50,000. My wife is not a very happy camper!!!
So I have to do alot of learning and go about business the RIGHT WAY to get out of this hole I got my self into. After being introduced to Jim R., and listening in on his calls, I knew he was someone I could learn much from, without spending tens of thousands of dollars. I read the e-book, and I realized how I had got hurt before, and know how to never let that happen again. I was looking for something I could do, with low risk, that would actually show me what I needed to know to make money, and Home Business 2.0 is it! - Ralph B.

Ralph B . - Illinois


I have been in the home business industry for over 10 years and have had some success, but I’ve NEVER seen a company that tells “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”, and lays it all out in the open, the way Home Business 2.0 does.
Nor have I had the chance to get positioned in a truly ground-floor opportunity, and be personally mentored by a million-dollar marketer and a team of successful, 7-figure earners, like I do with Jim Rivas and Home Business 2.0.
Over the past year I have accelerated my learning of the home business industry, focusing on “attraction marketing” techniques and “automated systems”. I realized right away that I needed not only a structured, affordable system to aid me with my success; one that gave me ALL the necessary information, not just the bits-and-pieces, but a mentor and business platform that would further develop my sales and marketing skills, and represent who I am and what I believe.
Up until now, there has been NO clear way to distinguish which systems or businesses are the “good” ones; those that will guide you and help you build a solid foundation that you can stand on and build your financial success from, without costing you your life’s savings, or getting you into debt! They all say they are “The ONE”, but very few actually are what they say, and it has cost me thousands of hours and dollars to learn this expensive lesson. With Home Business 2.0 I know without a doubt that I will finally achieve my dreams, and take a boat-load of dedicated teammates with me to the Pinnacle of our personal and financial evolution! I am riding the crest of this fortuitous wave, shoulder-to-shoulder with Elite entrepreneurs who will walk with me as I walk with my team, reversing the unacceptable 97% failure rate that the lies of this industry breeds. Join us and secure your financial future NOW! Thank you Home Business 2.0! The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Debbie B. - California

Debbie B. - California



and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money

Meet Home Business 2.0 Community Members
Marq J. - Canada

Ex-Corporate Executive, Business Owner
Entrepreneur & Home Business Mentor

I wish I had this information when I
first started in this industry...WOW!
Who knew you can make money even if you are new to home business, that you can earn while you build your business and skills!
How do you get started in a home business and more importantly, get into profit? This is it!

Finally someone has the guts to tell it
like it is!
The Secret to Home Business Success Has Arrived.

Scott B. - Chicago

Fortune 100 Corporate Executive
Small Business Owner
Home Business Top Earner

I have been in network marketing/direct sales for 20 years and have seen many changes take place. The biggest change during my time in this industry has been in how fast people can succeed in this business if they know how to leverage the power of the internet ....
This is why I teamed up with Jim Rivas and Home Business 2.0. I believe if anyone is truly serious about making real money from home, they need the truth about what it's going to take to succeed ...
With Home Business 2.0 support and training, everyone will be given the truth about this industry and the proper training to have real success...GUARANTEED!

Dr. Clyde H. - Texas
Medical Doctor
Small Business Owner
Home Business Entrepreneur

During the decades of practicing medicine and owning small businesses, I experienced great success ... over the last 7 years working the Home Business Industry I have experienced success too; however, I find the failure rate in the industry unacceptable ...
When I saw HB 2.0 for the first time I was attracted to the truth, integrity, and transparency and focus of the program's vision, and the community as a whole. Is it refreshing ... and combined with the hard hitting entrepreneurial development training program, a person can finally earn as they learn as they are guided to have the success they desrve
I know this is a winner ... the solution that everyone has been searching for and not found ... until now!



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