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What Exactly is Home Business 2.0 and what wll it do for you.

The first fact you must accept when you get started in this industry is there is much to learn that you don't know. Your company makes it sound easy on purpose. Success in business is anything but.

(1) What Home Business 2.0 is first and foremost to you is a community of like minded thinkers that have decided to do business with standards and excellence associated with Fortune 500 America.

(2) We sell YOUR PROSPECTS ON LIVE CALLS on the industry in a way they can understand preparing them to either go through your company's personal presentation or TO SIMPLY SAY YES TO YOU RIGHT AFTER THE CALL to the Home Business 2.0 program.

(3) We teach how to to run your Home Business like a real business, with Profit and Loss Statements; the whole 9 yards so you can make better non-emotional decisions.

(4) As an opportunity, HB 2.0 will offer you the chance earn $50 a month per customer, plus a power bonus system unlike any other for having your organization duplicate. The dollars you make in this plan are stunning for such a low price point. And you only need 2 people to be self funding on a monthly basis (that means break even), and 3 to be generating a profit.

Ten (10) customers earns you $500 a month, 100 customers earns you $5,000 per month, and 200 customers earns you a stunning $10,000 per month! (200 customes paying YOU per month can happen with 20 directly sponsored customers that go 10 deep with activated levels).

(5) A Uniform marketing and training space for you and your customers. You'll make a better, more professional impression on your customers with HB2.0 Program.

As you will soon learn Home Business 2.0 is all about elegance and exellence in flow.


STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money

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